Part Time Jobs For Students in Dubai & UAE (Feb 2020)

Finding a part-time job in Dubai is not a difficult thing to do. Because in Dubai, there are no doubt a lot of opportunities of job available of any kind and for sure Dubai is the best country in the Middle East when it comes to giving the opportunities of job.

In this city, the inflation rate is at the highest number right now when we compare this to the last year. Everyone is in the race wants to make money for his survival in this city for that he has to do a lot of struggle & effort. And for those who are earning 1000 dirhams in a month, survival is very difficult.

Part Time Jobs in Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Dubai & Sharjah

Part Time Jobs in Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Dubai & Sharjah

If you are a male or female, student or non-student, part-time jobs are really helpful in solving financial issues. And we are glad to share this news with you that we have the best effective options for you when it comes to finding part-time jobs.

Before we share these methods with you, we want to clear this thing that this will help you a lot, and this is not a scam or non-sense. With you, we will explore the different ways to make part-time income using offline & online methods.

Are You Interested For Doing Part Time Jobs At Home?

While doing your full-time job, do you really want to earn extra money online? Then we recommend continuing reading this article for your better sake.

It doesn’t matter if you are a male or female, student or non-student, have computer knowledge or unaware of this, living in United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Philippines, or any other country you belong, this opportunity is for everyone.

Now come to the point. We will share all the details, all the points that you need to know regarding this matter.

1) How to Earn Money Online While Discovering Attractive Places?

In the content given below, we have discussed in detail for you that how you can earn extra money by just discovering the beautiful & attractive places of that country, in which you are staying right now.

All you have to do is just arrange a high- quality camera and start taking pictures of those amazing places. If you do this job with passion & full interest and keep this work consistently, then I assure you, more the 1000$ in a month is just a small amount that you can make in a month. It’s up to you, you can make this work as a part-time or a full-time job because this could be the best source of income for you.

2) How to earn $100 in a day By Selling Your Services Online?

It seems like a joke when you hear that you can make 100$ in a day in Dubai and anywhere by just doing a part-time job. This looks funnier when earning money online is most of the time is scam or fraud. But I give you my words, this is not a joke.

Have you ever heard about the Fiverr? It is a well-recognized online freelancing platform. There, if you have any skill, you can sell your services to other needy people.

It can be anything like Writing, Translation, Video editing, Development, Graphic Designing, Audio, Programming, Music, etc. let’s start earning from Fiverr. For further assistance, the link is given below.

3) How to Earn Up To $5 a Day by Typing Online?

You can start doing this work with literally zero skills. Yes, this is totally practical. Most of the time, the routine of housewives & students is so busy that they don’t have spare time to get any special skill and they don’t have any time to earn second money either.

With these kinds of jobs, you have to type 1000 words, and you can earn 1.20$ with little chances of getting typing mistakes. You have to be accurate to keep your account safe from getting banned. You can start the work today by just clicking on the link given below.

Part-Time Jobs (Most Widely Seen Announcement)

We all know that a limited number of jobs are available in Dubai or any other city of UAE in the following fields such as Driver, Delivery boy, Accountant, Admin, Data Entry, IT, Cleaning, Housekeeping, Watchman, Barber, Maid and some others like that.

And without any doubt, if we compare these numbers to the full-time jobs that are available anywhere in the world, these are very less. But for those who are looking for a job that gives them extra money, this is a perfect scenario for them.

Those persons could be students or a person who is in a surviving position. Have you ever noticed it?

That small offices, barbershops, schools, restaurants, supermarkets, caterer service & hotels are advertising their job ads openly, by pasting a poster on their outside door of required vacancy, so that those persons who need jobs can contact them. Some of them are given below.

Part-Time Jobs in Dubai Announced This Week (New Updates)

In this list, we will be going through all the job vacancies that are announced this week in Dubai. So that our valuable visitors can find a job according to their skills.

We will update the weekly part-time jobs in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman & Abu Dhabi. So keep visiting us for more new updates on

Shawamah Assistant & Helper/Waiter (Filipino)

Restaurant Name: Bloudan Bites Restaurant & Cafe
Experience: 1-3 years restaurant or cafe experience
Language Skills: English (Mandatory) & Arabic (Advantage)
Gender: Male/Female
Salary Range: 2500 – 3000 AED /-
Contact #055 5277171
Posted Date: 5th February 2020

Piano & Vocal Teacher

School Name: Enana Ballet FZ LLC
Job Location: Dubai
Experience: 1 year similar experience
Package: Salary + Visa
Email CV: [email protected]
Posted Date: 4th February 2020

Telemarketing (Female)

Company Name: Hydropure Water Technologies TR LLC
Job Location: Sharjah
Nationality: Indian/Pakistani
Experience: 1 year telemarketing experience
Language Skills: English
Visa Type: Husband/Father Sponsorship
Working Hours: 4 hours a day
Salary Range: 800 – 1000 AED /-
Whatsapp #058 8245689
Posted Date: 1st February 2020

Graphic & Interior 3D Designer

Company Name: Source Middle East LLC
Job Location: Ajman
Experience: 5 years similar experience
Joining Status: Immediately
Salary Range: 2500 – 3000 AED /-
Contact #055 2903786
Posted Date: 31st January 2020

Registered Nurses (Part Time/Full Time)

Job Location: Abu Dhabi
Industry: Medical Center
License: HAAD
Email CV: [email protected]
Contact #052 2532227
Posted Date: 29th January 2020

Brand Promoter

Company Name: Platinum Promo
Job Location: Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah
Experience: 1 year Perfumes, Cosmetics & Makeup sales experience
Visa Type: Parents, Spouse, Freelance & Own Visa
Age Limit: 21 years old & above
Salary Range: 5000 – 9000 AED /-
Email CV: [email protected]
Contact #04 5844934
Posted Date: 28th January 2020

Chinese Translator

College Name: City University College
Job Location: Ajman
Education: Bachelors/Masters
Experience: 1-2 years experience as a Chinese Literature
Email CV: [email protected] | [email protected]
Posted Date: 24th January 2020

3d Designer & Interior Designer

Job Location: Abu Dhabi
Experience: 1 year 3d design experience
Monthly Salary: 1000 AED /week
Email CV: [email protected]
Posted Date: 23rd January 2020

Sales & Marketing (Male & Female)

Company Name: Al Maryah Island
Job Location: Abu Dhabi
Education: Bachelor’s Degree
Experience: 1 year similar experience
License: UAE valid driving license
Joining Status: Immediately
Whatsapp CV #050 5936969
Posted Date: 22nd January 2020

Driver (3-6 Months Temporary)

Company Name: Quesscorp Manpower Services LLC
Experience: 2 years UAE driving experience
License: UAE valid manual driving license
Visa Type: Azad/Transport/Spouse/Father/Mother/Freelance Visa with NOC
Working Hours: 12 hours a day
Working Days: 6 days a week
Age Limit: Min 25 years old
Joining Status: Immediately
Monthly Salary: 2900 AED /-
Benefits: Accommodation
Contact Person: Katt
Contact #056 2188572
Posted Date: 20th January 2020

Office Boy

Consultancy Name: Star Konsultants
Job Location: Dubai
Experience: 3 years similar experience
Visa Type: Visit/Cancelled Visa
Salary Range: 1400 – 1500 AED /-
Benefits: Transportation + Accommodation
Email CV: [email protected]
Contact #055 8284301
Posted Date: 20th January 2020

Waiter cum Cashier

Restaurant Name: Bloudan Bites Restaurant & Cafe
Job Location: Jumeirah Village Triangle, Dubai
Experience: 1 year similar experience
Language Skills: English & Arabic
Salary Range: 2000 – 4000 AED /-
Contact Person: Nabeel
Contact #052 4542023
Posted Date: 20th January 2020

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